ground control points for drone mapping

Drone mapping has revolutionized the surveying industry, providing efficient and cost-effective methods for collecting data from the air. However, to ensure the accuracy of drone mapping data, the use of Ground Control Points (GCPs) is critical. In this article, we will delve into the basics of GCPs and their importance in the drone mapping process.

What are Ground Control Points? Ground Control Points are precisely located points on the ground used as reference points for aerial surveys. GCPs serve as the foundation for the accuracy of drone mapping data and help to correct any errors that may occur during the flight. These reference points are marked using GPS, allowing the drone to accurately map the area and align the aerial data with the ground coordinates.

Why are Ground Control Points Important in Drone Mapping? Ground control points are critical to the accuracy of drone mapping as they provide a basis for correcting errors that may occur during the flight. By using GCPs, the drone can accurately align the aerial data with the ground coordinates, leading to a more precise and accurate survey. The use of GCPs also ensures that the data collected from the drone is consistent with the data collected on the ground, allowing for a seamless integration of both datasets.

How many Ground Control Points are Needed for Drone Mapping? The number of GCPs required for drone mapping varies depending on the size of the survey area and the level of accuracy required. As a general rule, the larger the survey area, the more GCPs are required to ensure accuracy. A typical drone mapping survey may require anywhere from 5 to 20 GCPs, with more complex surveys requiring up to 50 or more GCPs.

What are the Different Types of Ground Control Points? There are several types of Ground Control Points used in drone mapping, including permanent GCPs, temporary GCPs, and passive GCPs.

Permanent GCPs: These are long-term reference points that are marked on the ground using a survey-grade GPS and remain in place for future surveys.

Temporary GCPs: Temporary GCPs are marked using a GPS during the drone mapping survey and are removed after the survey is complete.

Passive GCPs: Passive GCPs are features such as buildings, road intersections, or other recognizable landmarks that can be used as reference points for the drone mapping survey.

How to Place Ground Control Points for Drone Mapping? Ground Control Points should be placed in clear and visible locations that are easily accessible to the drone. The GCPs should be placed in a strategic pattern to ensure that they provide adequate coverage of the survey area and to minimize errors. It is important to use a survey-grade GPS to mark the GCPs to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of Ground Control Points in drone mapping? The purpose of Ground Control Points in drone mapping is to provide a basis for correcting any errors that may occur during the flight and to ensure the accuracy of the aerial data.
  2. How many Ground Control Points are needed for a drone mapping survey? The number of Ground Control Points needed for a drone mapping survey depends on the size of the survey area and the level of accuracy required. A typical drone mapping survey may require anywhere from 5 to 20 GCPs.
  3. What are the different types of Ground Control Points? There are

Trends On Online Marketing 2016


Over the years, there have been major advancements and changes in digital marketing. Each year the improvements accelerate at a very fast rate. For the casual observer it will be quite difficult to keep up with it. Below are some of the marketing trends the previous year and a few touches on what online marketing strategies will likely become a hit this year.

Mobile Optimization – the change with approaching businesses have changed dramatically over the past year, and for this year mobile optimization is going to go beyond developing an app or creating a responsive site for mobile devices. It will be focused more on social media marketing and mobile-optimized content.

internet-marketing-banner1Google recently has been putting a lot of importance on how the sites are going to become friendly for mobiel use. The even have stated that the usability of mobile devices will become relevant for most favorable search results. The focus on this recent launch of the new feature is called the Mobile Usability which you can find in Google Webmaster Tools.

By the end of this year, a lot of businesses will be incorporating mobile usability into all areas of digital marketing. This includes mobile ads, responsive website and even a distinct content that is specifically designed for mobile web users. They will also start to realize about the necessity of planning about strategy for mobile social media in which it considers how much users interact and consume their time with social media through their mobile devices.

Brands on social media marketing – Spending on social media advertisement will increase dramatically as the brands start to realize the significance of marketing through social media. In the early months of 2014, a report on Facebook’s ad revenue increased by ten percent over the fiscal period of 2013. By the time organic SEO reach continued to fall and the new system implemented by Facebook finally taking effect, businesses are struggling to maintain the sales and traffic in all of their social media channels.

In regards to Facebook, paid advertising has been offered for those who wish to remain in the search reach and they have also restricted the type of posts that can be shown on the feed users are going to see. But the move Facebook made has showed positive results on businesses due to their serious investments with social media.

This includes increase in traffic and exposure. They also realize that paid ads in social media is a way to scale the aforementioned results. In Twitter’s new feature with advertising has provided greater possibilities for small to medium sized businesses to invest in campaigns that are based on objectives.

Content Marketing – According to one report on B2B Content Marketing Benchmark, 93 percent of the B2B marketers admit that they used the content marketing the previous year and 42 percent admitted that they considered such strategy to be very effective. It went up from 36 percent from the previous year.

Marketers are seeing more benefits from content strategies and they will be re-allocating the previously earmarked money on SEO, social media and PPC to efforts on content marketing. There is one major struggle to doing this and that is by looking for ways to stand out in the middle of other content that are also aiming for attention.

What makes a business given more advantage in this strategy is through case studies, research-intensive content, video content, internet-marketing-montrealand the content that goes along the twelve quality metrics. By going through this, businesses will be investing more in creating mobile content, which include making a short-form content that is easy to be read through mobile devices, putting more focus on visual and video content and understanding the mobile habits of users.

How to choose mother’s day flowers:

Flowers Delivered for Mothers Day

Calgary Flower delivery
Calgary Flower delivery

 Panda Flowers Knows flowers

Panda Flowers Canada – Flower Delivery Calgary Mother’s day has always been a special event to everyone. It’s because mother is considered to hold a special position in every one’s life. This is an opportunity to celebrate the happiness of having blessed with a mother. Everyone on this earth considers mother next to god. But how much time does we give our mother. This is just an opportunity to say that how much you love your mother and how much you care for her. For those who love their mother, every day is a mother’s day. Bust still when you need to say that to her, nothing can be less than saying that with a bouquet or some specially designed flowers.

This is a thoughtful and time honored way that will help to shower the love and affection to the mother and motherly figures. These are going to bring down a pretty smile on the face to bring on a bloom with the fragrance of the flowers. There are different kinds of flowers in the arrangement that would bring the blooming plants and other floral gifts to choose from, picking the perfect posies for the celebration of mother’s day. You can make on with the communication through flowers that are special through all purposes. You can attach some special messages on the flower and bouquets to express your love for your mother.

Bouquets for traditional types of mothers:-

The mother who is of traditional kinds can be assorted with some of the special flowers that can be the big bunch of the brightly colored carnations or any kind of mixed bouquets. This can be made on with some freshly cut spring flowers which include carnations. It’s because these flowers often outlast other kind of cut flowers. With this you will make her fell the scent and your feeling for a longer time.


Otherwise you can bring your mother with some of the passionate flowers like that of tulips, spring lilies or roses. These blossoms the smell in the best possible manner with including the fragrant freesia, lavender, carnations, roses and other kind of oriental lilies.

Modern day mothers:-

The modern days mothers are the best believers of the contemporary life style. You can instead send an arrangement of cut flowers. You can arrange the live blooming plants like that of the fragrant gardenia, any kind of potted plant that would have been dressed with little care and little water. You can also gift an aromapathy that contains the growing kit. The kit must include seeds, soil and porcelain containers to grow some of the best flowers like chamomile, lavender and the lemon balm plants.

You can also gift them an aromapathy treatment which would contain a bunch of relaxable floral treatments. For those flowers can be ordered online with giving some of the best and unique collection of flowers for the best possible time.


For any mother flowers are not just the way to wish. But simply their aroma would speak the correct words that might not be possible on your part to express in words.